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Contribution: Services

How do we Contribute?

  • Financial 

    • We support UN Women;

    • We support local Canberra athlete Cameron Hill in his motor racing career;

    • We support a number of local charities and fundraising endeavours year over year.​

  • Time 

    • We volunteer our time to advocate for Women in our industry through the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). ​​

  • Services

    • We leverage our skills and knowledge to assist our Clients to deliver buildings for our community.
    • We do it in a collaborative manner, seeking to find balance in every outcome.

    • We do it with kindness and empathy.

Why Contribute? 

  • In its simplest form, we all hold a moral and ethical responsibility to contribute to our communities. 

  • Contribution is not about $.

  • Contribution is about each of us, adding value, leveraging our skills and expertise to enable our community to sustain life.

  • It’s as old as time, it’s not rocket science 🚀

What if I Don’t?

  • If we didn’t contribute, if we took the view, I have enough money, or I have  a home, or I have X, I’m going to sit on the beach and chill, there’d be no: doctors, nurses, schools, hotels, restaurants, cars, electricity, internet, you name it.

  • Now, sitting there with enough money or a nice house or X feels and looks like a rather empty proposition if you’re sick with no one to treat you, if you can’t go on holiday anywhere, or can’t eat out, or can’t….

  • … not rocket science 🚀

How You Can Make a Difference?

  • Fortunately, nothing heroic is required.

  • It only takes 1. 

  • Each person, doing a little, to build a sustainable, vibrant community.

  • Do your best, do your bit, our community will be the better for it.

  • … still not rocket science 🚀

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